“What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is intricately woven into the lives of others. This is what eventually become the DNA of our heritage, our pride.

Our Pride. Our Legacy.

Re-establishing the family roots from their humble origins in Rajasthan due to a drought, the Firodia family relocated to Ahmednagar, Maharashtra around the 1800s with a dream to start anew. As time moved on, the Firodia family embraced Ahmednagar as their home and began contributing to its growth and development. Being one of the firsts to bring about an industrial revolution in our country, the Firodia family took an active role in the freedom struggle as well. Imbibing the values of Mahatma Gandhi, the Firodia family too infused the same ideology in their lives, which remains the essence of their heritage.

Late Shri Kundanmalji Firodia

1885-1968 (Great Grandfather)

The Firodia family acquired a rich heritage that dates to the late Kundanmaji Firodia (1885-1968), the first lawyer of the Oswal community in Ahmednagar and a staunch Gandhian. Post-independence, he served as a speaker for the Bombay Assemble with the sole aim to uplift the society. A father to three sons – Navalmaji, Motilalji and Hastimaji Firodia, he planted the groundwork for progress and advancement of the city.

As a freedom fighter and a pioneer of the Banking & Cooperative Movement, Shri Motilalji Firodia founded the Cooperative Bank of Maharashtra, which has grown to become Asia’s largest Co-operative Bank. He served as a Member of Parliament, representing Ahmednagar during the tenure 1962-1967, but turned down the nomination for the next term to devote his time for social causes and betterment of Ahmednagar. He also founded Namoha Foundries, a leading cast iron foundry in the state.

Late Shri Motilalji Firodia

1912-1992 (Grandfather)

Raised by his father Motilalji Firodia’s ideologies and dedication to social work, Shantikumarji Firodia expanded his vision with his special interests in Accountancy, Taxation, Business & Sports. Shantikumarji was an Educationist, Sports Player and Philanthropist who believed that hard work and passion helped attain great success. People looked up to him with admiration for his principles on being self-reliant and a consistent contributor to the betterment of the society.

Late Shri Shantikumarji Motilal Firodia

1947-2007 (Father)